The Kitchen Witch Cafe Is The One Of The Best Places To Be In Massachusetts If You Love The Unsusual???So Come And Join Us For Our Fantastic Brews But Stay For The Wonderful Company We Are Also LGBTQ Friendly And It's Halloween All Year Long From Where We Are Standing

The Kitchen Witch Cafe

Our Mystical Coffee Menu Speak's For It's

  Hot Iced Blended
Americano Medium$10 Large$15 -
Cuppucino Meduim$15 Large$18
Fresh Latte Medium$18 Large$20
Mocha Medium$18 Large$20
Espresso Medium$10 Large$15 -
Black Coffee Meduim$10 - -
Double Shot Expresso Meduim$20 Large$30 -

Tea Menu

  Hot Iced Addon
Pure White Milk Small$5 Large$10 -
Hong Kong Tea Small$8 Large$12
Taiwan Tea Small$5 Large$8
Bubble Tea Small$8 Large$12 -
Mixed Fruit Tea Meduim$10 Large$12
Original Tea $12 $12 -

Special Items

Soft Deli Cup Medium$28
Coffee Art $30
Speciality Tea $35

About Our Beloved Cafe Or Cherished Coven

The Kitchen Witch Cafe was founded in Salem, Massachusetts in 2020 By The Gorgeous And The Also Infamous Brainy Sherrielynn Sherlocks. The Leggy Hot Bisexual Dominican Brazilian Burlesque Dancer and Eight Time Album Jazz Singer that runs Bubble And Brew which Is an All Pagan Burlesque Trope Full Of Sexy And Crazy Dancers Competing For Awards And Accolades.

Sweethearts The Heart and Soul Of The Kitchen Witch Cafe is Sherrielynn Sherlocks whom is An Practicing. And Well Versed Satanic Occultist that Has Written A Couple Of Demonic Occult Books/Has Taught Dark Academia With Parapsychology and English Writing Along With Spanish and French. And English at Massachusetts Community College. And Whom Welcome All Kinds Of Pagans into Her Comfortable Coffee/Beverage Shop where you Dear Patrons Can Read. Or Buy Numerous Paranormal Books along with Various Spiritual Occult Books To Make An More Well Informed Heathen??? Or Druidess???.

Babes Catch Us And Talk To Us Whenever

Cuties Reach Us Witchy Baristas Through Email Or Darlings Follow Us on The Social Icons below now huns Thank You.