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Suspria De Profoundis Means Sighs From The Depths Which Is In Latin And Corpora Delicti Means Body Of Evidence Like A Dead Body But It Also Means To Damage A Body Body Violently In An Act Of Murder In Greek

Darlings Miss Core Has Been In Dark Stage Plays At Her Neoburlesque Theater Called The Unholy Kama Sutra Like Faust,Dorian Gray,Phantom Of The Opera,Dante's Inferno,Dracula,Carmilla,The Secert Garden,The Scarlett Letter,The Dunwhich Horror, The Pit And The Pendulum,The Tomb Of Ligeia, Suspira,The Fall Of The House Of Usher,From Beyond, The Book Of The Dead, Flowers In The Attack,The Mask Of The Red Masque,The Seven Horsemen, The Crucible,Murder In The Ruge Morgue,The Lair Of The White Worm,The Shining,The Fog, Jack The Ripper And Lastly She Is A Lead Vocalist And Electric Guitar Playing Crazy Queer Black Obsessed Founder Of Lamia Lion The Hydra Which Is An Satanic Indie Band Centered Around Greek Mythologies That Has Performed At Local Alternative Club Scenes Like Ceremony And Lemuria Amongst Others And Huns Core Has Been Featured In Maxim And Playboy Plus She Even Founded A Twisted And Sexually Deviant Gothic Neoburlesque Thrope Called Nycto Phile Rivalry And It's Offical That She Lives As An Vamp Basically A Stryga Vampire From The Balkans

A Short But Well Done Bio On Penelope Core
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Welcome To The Simple Gothic Site Of The Gorgeous And Lovely 23 Year Old Redheaded Albanian Vixen But Scary And irritable Satan Worshipping Bisexual Goth Female Whom Has Taken Salem,Massachusetts,Connecticut,Rhode Island By Storm With Her Sexy Burlesque Dancing And Hot Bellydancing And The Leggy 5 Feet 11 Inches Tall Alternative Pinup Lingerie Has Modeled For Die With Your Boots On And VampFangs.